One Thing To Try This Week

One Thing To Try This Week


Feeling like you’ve been doing all the right things in the gym but also feel like you’re lagging behind on your goals? Intention might be the missing ingredient you’re looking for.

Focusing on your Intention in your workouts could reap big dividends. 

This doesn’t mean you should be redlining in every WOD or leaving the gym feeling like you’ve just thoroughly had your ass kicked. It could simply be that all you need to do is bring some intentional focus to your workouts.

If you catch yourself just going through the motions, or lagging behind everyone else for whatever reasons. It’s probably time to focus on your approach or the intentions of the workout. 

Proper scaling and approach can really help you ring out every ounce of affect you’re looking for.

BTW your coach can help you with intention setting before each workout, or in the very least can help you set an approach that fits with the goals you’re working towards.

Here’s an example; the workout calls for 4 rounds of 10 Thrusters at 75 lbs and a 400 meter run. But when you perform Thrusters at 75 lbs they take you forever to get through. The intention of this workout is to get fast output and a high heart rate. So you should be scaling down to 50 or even 45 lbs on the thruster, and maybe even limiting the runs to 200 meters. 

This isn’t just about scaling down, maybe you need to scale up or maybe you’re recovering from an injury or being sick… it all adds up and the perscription is to take a moment and set your intention for the day BEFORE you start the workout.

For all your workouts this week, think about the muscles that you’re targeting before every set.

ROGUE ECHO Bike – 50 Cal Challenge Comes to WF

ROGUE ECHO Bike – 50 Cal Challenge Comes to WF

February 1st – 28th 2022

We are brining the Rogue 50 Calorie Echo Bike Challenge to Warrior Fitness in February.

Complete 50 Calories For Time on a the Echo Bike

We are going to offer a challenge to any member who feels like they are up for some competition. You have the month of February to complete the Rogue Echo Bike 50 Cal Challenge and the Warrior Fitness Member with the fastest time will win a $100 Rogue Gift Card

First place: $100/Rogue gift card

Second place: $50/Rogue gift card




  • Fastest time to complete 50 calories on a Rogue Echo Bike recorded in the month of February.
  • Winners will be announced at the end of the month.
  • You may attempt the challenge as many times as you want during the month.
  • Tie Breaker: Max watts output
  • Tie Breaker 2: Lowest Bodyweight


  • A Warrior Fitness Coach must be present to judge/coach/admin the Challenge for those competing. (Gene, Diane, Heather or Becky)
  • This workout begins with the athlete either seated or standing on the Echo bike and the monitor set to count down from 50 calories’
  • When the athlete is ready they will begin pedaling until the full 50 calories is completed.
  • The athlete must remain on the bike with their hands and feet in contact until all 50 calories are complete.

We will generally respect and follow the rules set forth on the Rouge Challenge Page: