Fitness is a battle with your self, But going at it by yourself is not very fun and also not very effective.

Do you get tired of the same old routine?

Our workouts are different everyday,  you get to learn new skills and movements every week. You get to challenge yourself in ways you haven’t before. 

Why Warrior?

“Warrior” is broadly defined as any person who is going through or has been through some sort of fight.

And for most of us – fitness is a fight.
It’s a war against our limits.
It’s a war against our bad habits and old patterns.
It’s a war of heart versus mind versus body.

Warrior Fitness exists to help you along with your own personal fight for better health and fitness, no matter what level you’re at today.

Warrior Fitness Members after Workout Class in Columbia, SC

Our Members Mindset

  • Go at your pace, even in groups.
  • Be open to being pushed, just a little bit.
  • 100% SAFE exercises, always.
  • Realistic goals – 1% better every day.
  • Love the process. Love the journey.
  • Rest often. Never Quit on yourself.

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The Warrior Fitness Blog

5 Ways to Practice Self-Compassion and Achieve Your Goals

This article discusses the importance of self-compassion in achieving personal growth and self-improvement. It provides practical tips on how to be kinder to yourself, such as practicing mindfulness, reframing negative self-talk, treating yourself with kindness, connecting with others, and celebrating your accomplishments.

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2023 Ruck & Murph

Join us for a Ruck + Memorial Day Murph, an intense workout that honors fallen servicemen and women while pushing you physically and mentally. Build community and raise awareness.

We’re Right Beside
Williams-Brice Stadium.

1055 Market Rd
Columbia, SC 29201

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The trainers are super knowledgeable and genuinely care about your goals and you reaching them. If you’re on the fence about giving them a try hop on a “new you” challenge. Nothing is more motivating than betting on yourself!

Renee R.

I cannot thank this place enough for what they have done for me. I am back in pants that I wore in college and my co-workers keep telling me I look amazing! I would definitely recommend checking this place out if you are looking for long term results.

Emily N.

Best gym in Columbia and Lexington. I started with the 6 week challenge, and just couldn’t quit coming back for more. I’ve been to 2 other similar gyms in town, but workhorse by far had the best atmosphere, coaches, members, and workouts. I’ve lost 36 pounds and still going.

Diana B.

I started going here over two years ago. Could not ask for a better gym family! The trainers are amazing and they care about every individual that walks through the door! I’ve grown so much with them! They challenge me to push myself daily and help me when I need it!

Adrienne Williams