Kickstart Fusion Month


🔥 Exclusive Limited-Time Offer: January 15th – February 16th 🔥

Ready for a fitness kickstart? Dive into the dynamic fusion of our functional fitness program and Kickboxing with our *FusionFit Launch Month*! 🥊💪

🔐 Unlock a Month of Unlimited Access:

– Attend any Fitness and Kickboxing classes you want throughout the entire month.

– Experience the perfect blend of strength, agility, and high-intensity workouts.


👥 Benefit from Small Group Coaching:

– Get expert guidance from our coaches and instructors.

– Learn proper techniques and form to maximize your workout results while remaining safe.

🤝 Immerse Yourself in Community Support:

– Connect with like-minded individuals who share your fitness goals.

– Join our motivating fitness community that propels you towards success!

💸 Enjoy Exclusive Discounts:

– Sign up during FusionFit Launch Month for special discounts on full membership.

– Avail discounts on gear and merchandise to gear up for your fitness journey.

📊 Free Fitness Assessment:

– Receive a complimentary health and fitness assessment to set personalized goals.

– Gain insights into your current fitness level and areas for improvement.

🚀 How to Participate:

  1. Register Online:

   – Sign up here for FusionFit Launch Month.

   – Provide your contact information to receive your exclusive access pass.

  1. Set up your Assessment:

   – Choose a date and time that works for you – based around our class schedule.

   – Feel the energy, engage with our coaches and instructors, and experience the fusion firsthand.

  1. Enjoy the Month:

   – Attend as many classes as you like throughout the month.

   – Connect with our community and make the most of your fitness journey.

(Kickstart Fusion Month @ $75)

Transform Your Body and Mind

with OUR Kickstart Fusion Experience.


With our program you will never be on your own. One of the biggest success factors to reaching your goals is accountability. You will have a group of coaches to help keep you accountable as well as certified and trained coaches to help you along the way. You will not be alone in your fitness journey.


At the heart of our program’s classes is high heart rate training. Our funtional workouts and skills based kickboxing training will push you to achieve your weight loss goals. Break through plateaus by getting your heart rate up and torching calories.


Always wanted a lean, strong physique? With our fusion styled program you can achieve just that by training and gaining muscle and skills.



Your coaches will be there for you every step of the way. With many years of fitness and nutrition coaching we have the knowledge and and experience to support you in whatever goals you are setting for yourself.

What we do

All classes are led by a Coach, our program combines functional techniques with fast-paced cardio and strength building. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike.


We will provide you with a full weight loss and nutrition plan along with full coaching along the way. We do not promote fad dieting or crash diets. We have a balanced approach to teaching you how to plan and eat healthy to transform your life.

Class Times

Monday to Thursday – 5 am, 6 am, 5:30 pm
Friday – 5 am & 6 am

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6 am
Monday & Wednesday 5:45 pm

*For anyone regardless of fitness level.
**For anyone ages 16 and up.

What You Get:

  • Full Month of Unlimited Access
  • Different Workout Every Class
  • Classes Led By A Trainer
  • Nutrition coaching and guidance
  • Daily calorie goals and macros
  • Skills Development
  • Conditioning methods
  • Mobility and Flexibility techniques
  • Strength and Stamina
  • Fat Loss Cardio Training


Complete the form below, start the process, see how you can being your journey with us!

Price: $ 75.00