Fitness is a battle with your self, But going at it by yourself is not very fun and also not very effective.

Do you get tired of the same old routine?

Our workouts are different everyday,  you get to learn new skills and movements every week. You get to challenge yourself in ways you haven’t before. 

Why Warrior?

“Warrior” is broadly defined as any person who is going through or has been through some sort of fight.

And for most of us – fitness is a fight.
It’s a war against our limits.
It’s a war against our bad habits and old patterns.
It’s a war of heart versus mind versus body.

Warrior Fitness exists to help you along with your own personal fight for better health and fitness, no matter what level you’re at today.

Warrior Fitness Members after Workout Class in Columbia, SC

Our Members Mindset

  • Go at your pace, even in groups.
  • Be open to being pushed, just a little bit.
  • 100% SAFE exercises, always.
  • Realistic goals – 1% better every day.
  • Love the process. Love the journey.
  • Rest often. Never Quit on yourself.

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We’re Right Beside
Williams-Brice Stadium.

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For every mountain you climb and plateau you rest at, there will be another and more interesting view ahead.

Mark Divine,

The Way of the SEAL